Carolina #KnicksTape Trade Deadline 2017

As the 2017 NBA All-Star Weekend has come to a close on Sunday night, the trade deadline approaches fast. The official deadline is Thursday, February 23, giving both teams pushing for the playoffs, or ping pongs reasons to make moves. While some trade aren’t going to happen (i.e Melo to…well anywhere), here are five legitimate trade scenarios I would like to see happen before the deadline.

1- Jimmy Butler or Paul George to the Celtics

Let me not bury the lead here, the Celtics are easily in the best position to make a splash before this year’s deadline. With Brooklyn’s 2017 pick (which looks to be a top-3 pick (link)) and Brooklyn’s top pick next year, Boston is clearly in position to land another star to pair alongside “King of the Fourth”, Isaiah Thomas. Boston desperately could use another dynamic wing player, and while Avery Bradley and Jae Crowder are good players on the roster, PG-13 or Jimmy Butler allows Boston to seriously challenge Cleveland for the East. Some worry about Butler paired alongside a ball-centric star like Thomas, but in a league where stars need each other…Butler could be the perfect fit in Boston. If Butler isn’t possible to have, Paul George, who has recently expressed wanting to play for a contender, should be another suitable (maybe better) player to trade for.

2- Cavs get another shot creator

There are a few names floating out there for the Cavs. While they may not get Melo, there are some decent players the Cavs can afford. The obvious problem for the Cavs is, the lack of assets they have for an actual trade. After pulling off highway robbery to get Kyle Korver, there is legitimate skepticism Cleveland can pull another move off. Kyle O’Quinn (Knicks) would help in the front court, if the Knicks are willing to re-engage in trade conversations. P.J. Tucker (Suns) would fit the mold of veteran help the Cavaliers like to attain, and Deron Williams (Mavericks) would be another initiator of offense, which LeBron James claims to really need. The most obvious problem is (again), all three duly noted teams are in rebuilding mode (whether they believe it or not), and the Cavaliers have nothing to offer long term. Sam Amico is reporting the Cavs have been in trade talks dealing with Iman Shumpert, so if they are willing to deal real players, someone may want to deal.

3-Sixth man like Lou Williams

The Wizards need bench help, badly. Although Otto Porter is having a career year, and the back court of Wall and Beal have been phenomenal, the bench is horrid. When the star back court are off the court….the Washington offense becomes abysmal. Trading for Williams could help both parties, with the Wizards having both draft picks and young players the Lakers could use, as they build towards a future. John Wall and Beal may not contend for the Eastern Conference like Toronto, Boston, or Cleveland, but Lou Williams certainly does help their cause.

4-Clippers get their wing player

Remember what I said about that Cavaliers not getting Melo? The Clippers aren’t getting Melo either. Now that the Melo topic is settled, there are some real players who would be of great service for Los Angeles, especially with Chris Paul out due to injury. Clippers are another possible destination for aforementioned P.J. Tucker, but if Los Angeles wants someone more athletic and versatile, Denver’s Wilson Chandler should be the target. The soon to be 30 year old is having his best year, since leaving New York, and would be a real threat in the starting line up, or coming off the bench and playing alongside another former Knick, Jamal Crawford. The Clippers have desperately needed scoring from SF position for years, and Chandler could be the fix.

5-Get Russell Westbrook some help

The Thunder are a peculiar situation. Everyone knows Kevin Durant is gone, and Westbrook was expected to step it up, but few can say they expected Westbrook to performing at the level he is. That being said, the Thunder need to help out their MVP. The Oklahoma City offensive rating falls off a cliff when Westbrook isn’t on the floor. No help for Westbrook, is the main reason the Thunder sit 7th in the West, and don’t look like a team to make it into the second round of the playoffs. With Kanter, and Adams in the front court, another big body isn’t necessarily the issue for Oklahoma City. Wing players, and shot creators (noticing a trend) are exactly what the Thunder need. Problem is, P.J. Tucker, and Wilson Chandler are not the best long term solutions. While many will want the Thunder to make a move, I look for them to stand firm where they are, and look to this years free agency, or moving up in this year’s loaded NBA Draft.

Honorable Mention: Philadelphia moves Okafor or Nerlens Noel….because #TrustTheProcess

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